Offices and Warehouses


Each cleaning package is tailored to fit the needs of your business. We meet with you, walk through the property, and discuss your requirements.


In a competitive industry like banking, a professional image is essential. A clean workspace instantly assures clients of your organization and attention to detail.

With Dependable Cleaning, you get the same thorough cleaners every time. For high-security clients, they receive special training in proper use of the alarm system.

Count on Dependable Cleaning to refresh your bank building day after day.

Medical Facilities

A clean environment in a medical facility is critical. As a janitorial services company, Dependable Cleaning specializes in expertly cleaning medical buildings.  Our cleaners are trained to meet the standards of maintenance and cleaning in health care facilities. This includes:  

  • Use of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safe products.  
  • Carefully abiding the HIPAA confidentiality rules for each organization.  
  • A combination of advanced disinfecting chemistry, tools, and procedures to create an exceptionally clean facility. 

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Periodic Services

Window Cleaning

Over time and weathering, grime builds up. Most windows are best cleaned two to three times per year. Clear and clean windows let in more light and add professional appeal to your business – inside and out.

Regular window cleaning services also prevent damage from environmental contaminants like acid rain, hard water, and oxidation.

Pressure Washing Services

Give your building a facelift and boost the curb appeal with our professional pressure washing services. Quickly brighten your building and make it look younger.

Pressure washing helps remove grease, mold and other substances from sidewalks, walkways, and parking garages. This restores their attractive, clean look but also makes walkways safer for customers and employees.

Bird droppings, mold growth, and dirt buildup wear away at a building over time, deepening cracks and creating damage. Regular pressure washing removes these toxins and saves on long-term maintenance costs. 

VCT Floor Cleaning

Reduce scratching with regular cleaning of your VCT floor. Maintain the protective cover and shine. Our professional cleaners are trained to keep your company’s VCT Flooring clean and looking good.

Carpet Cleaning

Remove stains and discoloration from high traffic areas. Extend the life of your carpet and enhance the overall appearance. Regular carpet cleaning helps keep the office healthy. It removes dirt, bacteria, and prevents mold growth.

Light Maintenance Duties

Dependable Cleaning helps you keep the lights on the building in good repair with janitorial maintenance and minor repairs.

Deep Cleaning

Interested in a deep cleaning? Deep cleaning services can include wiping down walls and wall switches, wiping window blinds, washing baseboards, and cleaning ceiling fans and light fixtures. 

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