Commercial Cleaners in Bellingham on how to clean a Bathroom! Part 1

Dependable Cleaning in Bellingham wants to teach you how to do a proper Move-out clean on your bathroom.

We have been doing Move-out cleans for local property management for over 4 years.

Most property management companies give guidelines on what they expect to be clean and what a renter can expect when they property management company does a walk through.

The first look at a bathroom that needs to be cleaned can be down-right scary!  Fear not!  With the right tools, a bit of elbow grease and some good music you can have even the worst looking bathroom done in an hour.

Tools you will need:

  • Gloves
  • White eraser pads
  • L.O.C. Soft Cleanser
  • PURSUE Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • L.O.C. All-Purpose Cleaner
  • L.O.C. Glass Cleaner
  • Rags
  • Toilet brush

Where to begin?

Crank the music, put on the gloves and grab a rag!

Get some warm or cold water and get your rag really wet.  Use the rag to drench everything.

I start with the shower, I generally turn on the tub faucet and just use the water there to wet the tub while I wipe down the shower walls.  Don’t forget all the chrome…this really makes everything POP!

Next, I move to the sink(s), get the sink(s) and the counter tops wet.

Next, I head to the toilet.  You can still use the tub faucet to wet your rag and wipe down the toilet.  Let’s be honest, this is not the most fun thing in the world but if you wear gloves and wet down the entire bowl, including the base, you will remove all the undesirables before you even clean the thing.

Basically, just squeeze water all over everything, no real need to wipe down yet.

Add PURSUE Toilet Bowl Cleaner to the inside of the bowl.

Don’t worry about excess water on the floor that will help us later.

NOTE: Most toilet bowl cleaners are blue in color.  The reason being is that blue in the dye/cleaning world is the opposite of white!  Put blue on it…it will make it bright white.  Toilet bowl cleaner can be used in very, very disgusting tubs or sinks.  A WORD OF CAUTION! If you leave blue toilet bowl cleaner on a shower or tub in only one spot you will not be able to fix the spot that it will super bleach.  And it will make it white, leaving the rest not so white!  Make sure that if you do apply it, that you even the application of it immediately and DO NOT let it sit too long, you may cause tub discoloration that is irreparable.

Now comes the cleaning!

First thing to understand, Magic Erasers or white eraser pads are just that MAGIC!

They can remove stuff you didn’t even think possible!

Take the rag you have been wiping stuff down with and put an average amount of L.O.C. Soft Cleanser on it.  Now take the Cleanser and goop it around the shower, yes I said “goop it”.  Just streaks of it around the shower walls and the tub floor.

Now start scrubbing with your rag the whole tub, this will start the process.

Squirt some L.O.C. Soft Cleanser in the sink(s), take your rag (which should be nice and soapy by now) and scrub down the sink or sinks and counter tops.  Again, don’t forget to hit all the chrome parts!

Now the toilet.  Since you have been letting the toilet cleanser clean the inside of the bowl, use the toilet brush to scrub the inside of the toilet bowl and the top rim.  Use the rag with Soft cleanser you have been using to wipe down the rest of the bowl including the base.  Don’t forget to get underneath the water tank, many times this area has been neglected and may take a few wet rags to get clean.

Now is a good time to clean the mirror, use the L.O.C. Glass Cleaner to clean the mirror, a squeegee is best but if not a dry rag is best .  Now is a good time to hit the vanity lighting.  Many times the property management company wants you to clean the vanity light bulbs of dust.  DO NOT USE A WET RAG!  The light bulb more often than not…if turned on, and it usually is when you are cleaning will burst!  Only use a dry rag and turn off the lights.

White Eraser Pad to the Rescue!

Now once you have scrubbed everything with a rag, it is time to get your White Pad out.  Get it wet and start scrubbing down the shower, if you need to occasionally add some Soft Cleanser to the White Pad.  Remember White Pads work best when wet, the drier they get the less they work.  You can really polish chrome with these bad boys!  Here is how you know you are getting things clean with the White Pad…it will start to get slick.  As you scrub the White Pad will stick or slow down over soap scum, as it removes the soap scum and dirt it will start to feel smooth when you scrub, this is how you know it is clean.  You cannot feel your shower get clean with just a rag, but a White Pad will work wonders you didn’t even think possible!

Scrub down the sink(s) and counter tops with the White Pad, you may need a fresh pad depending on how bad the shower was.  Scrub down any towel racks and T.P. holders you find, again the White Pad is great for shining up any and all chrome surfaces.  Don’t overdo it though, it is abrasive!

Scrub down the toilet with the White Pad.  If your toilet seat is already flaking or peeling, using a White Pad will only make it worse, remember it is abrasive.

The Wipe Down!

Now that everything has been drenched, scrubbed with L.O.C. Soft Cleanser, scrubbed with a White Pad it is time to drench it again.  Get out a new rag and get it wet, repeat the first process you did of drenching everything to remove the excess bleach or Soft Cleanser.  Once you have done that, you are going to need a few dry rags.  Remove all the excess water with your rags, start with the shiny chrome first, this will ensure that it does not get any water streaks on it and look bright and sparkly.   Wipe down every inch of the Shower, tub, sink, countertop, toilet, towel racks and T.P. holders.  You want it all completely dry, if it isn’t get another dry rag, the more water you have on anything the more streaky it will look.  Just so you are aware, we go through a lot of rags when doing move-out cleans.

Now all of your fixtures should look clean, shiny and bright!  Stay tuned for Part 2, there is more work to be done in the bathroom!!!

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